In June 2010, Davidson Housing Coalition, in partnership with the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Workforce Development  Board and JobLink Career Center, established SHARE Network Access Point. SHARE, Sharing How Access to  Resources Empowers, is a community program designed to give local residents access to job search  resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

SHARE seeks to close the gap between the increase in  unemployment and the people who cannot easily access job search services. Since the programs’ launch,  more than 300 people have utilized the SHARE program and more than 100 clients have successfully found  employment.

SHARE provides clients with one-on-one consultations with job search counselor Gail Brooks-Lemkin. With  more than 30 years of experience in workforce development, Gail assesses client’s needs to provide the  most effective assistance. In addition to meeting with a job search counselor, clients also have access to  the SHARE Network Resource Directory, a web-based directory that contains comprehensive listings of  services that are relevant to job seekers.

What Can SHARE Do For You?

  • Educate you about the current labor market
  • Help you prepare a resume
  • Provide referrals to local JobLink Career Centers
  • Assist with researching employment opportunities

If you are interested in the SHARE program and would like to set up an appointment with Gail, please call our office at 704.892.4486 or email Gail at