Davidson Housing Coalition

“Home is where one starts from.” –T.S. Eliot

Keeping Davidson’s Doors Open

Home is indeed where we start.

For nearly 30 years, Davidson Housing Coalition has worked to ensure that safe haven is available to all who wish to call Davidson home, regardless of their income.

We work in partnership with elected officials, other local nonprofits, and, most importantly, our neighbors to protect and expand our Town’s inventory of affordable housing. Our work reflects a long- and deeply-held civic value:

We believe that Davidson’s vitality derives from its historically rich mix of experiences, talents, and perspectives that citizens of all backgrounds and means offer our community. To that end, DHC provides access to affordable rentals and opportunities for affordable homeownership for residents whose incomes are 80% or less than the area’s median income. 

At Davidson Housing Coalition, we’re committed to keeping Davidson’s doors open to all by building and maintaining access to high-quality, affordable homes.

We love calling Davidson home, and we think that choice should be open to everyone, regardless of their income bracket. We urge you to join us in this effort because home is where we all start.