About Us

Davidson Housing Coalition believes that Davidson’s traditional mix of people in all income levels is fundamental to our community and distinguishes us as a town.

The mission of Davidson Housing Coalition is to work with the larger community to preserve and create affordable housing options and to prepare families and individuals for financial stability and homeownership.

In July 1995, the Town of Davidson and Mayor Russell Knox formed an Affordable Housing Committee.

This committee was an outgrowth of the year-long Land Plan study which revealed that Davidson’s traditional mix of housing was threatened by rapid development and sky-rocketing land value in the region. The Affordable Housing Committee submitted a report to the Town Board in February 1996.

The report recommended that a not-for-profit corporation be formed and requested that the Town pay legal and other start-up costs.  In February 1996, the Davidson Town Board voted unanimously to approve the request, providing town support through staff and legal services, as well as giving $5,000 for other start-up costs. In addition, a $250,000 revolving fund was established that the Davidson Housing Coalition has used for the purchase of four homes.

On April 11, 1997, the Davidson Housing Coalition was incorporated with the North Carolina Secretary of State.