Creekside Corner

On June 1, 2001, the Davidson Housing Coalition (DHC) and Davidson College entered into a unique partnership involving eight properties that were previously owned by Ralph and Ervine Johnson. Since receiving these properties from the college, and with the college’s financial support, DHC began the process of planning how to renovate or redevelop the homes to provide safe, affordable, and beautiful housing for area people.

In working to meet this goal, DHC organized a redevelopment team consisting of the staff of the organization, several board members, and the residents of the homes.

The initial goal of the group was to renovate the existing properties, but environmental testing and home inspections revealed that it would be more effective to renovate only one house, tear down the other five structures and rebuild. That rebuilding process was directed by neighborhood design workshops.  Guided by the Lawrence Group Architects, these meetings led to a community consensus on design that includes a mix of single-family and duplex style units as well as an office space for DHC. The name Creekside Corner came about because of a small creek running behind the development.

In the last sixteen years, DHC has built 2 triplex units, 6 duplex units for rental, and two single-family houses that have been sold to qualified buyers, in addition to renovating a historical home into a unique duplex. Currently, Creekside Corner has a total of 20 rental units.

To apply for a rental unit, please click here.