Veterans’ Housing

The issue of housing returning soldiers and homeless veterans has been of paramount interest to the DHC Board of Directors since 2010. As a result of the Mayors Challenge to End Homelessness, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Our Heroes has housed 342 veterans as of January 2016. While this is significant progress, many veteran services are not accessible for veterans in North Mecklenburg County because of a lack of transportation and a concentration of services in Charlotte. In September 2015, DHC completed construction on a duplex with priority for tenancy given to veterans; DHC has been approved to accept HUD-VASH vouchers. DHC hopes to start construction soon on more veterans’ apartments in order to bring affordable housing and other services to veterans in this area. To donate to this effort, click here.

In 2016, DHC added a new component to our veteran services. A group of local residents concerned about veterans’ issues approached DHC about helping veterans living in our affordable apartments; from this, the Veterans’ Emergency Assistance Fund was created. The fund helps veterans that live in DHC’s apartments recover from crises that affect their ability to pay a utility bill, a deposit, or rent.