Community Partnership Helps Longtime Davidson Resident Remain Safe in Home

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The front of Sybil’s home prior to the repairs.


Sybil Donaldson is a long-time resident of Davidson, and is a fixture of Town Hall where she works as a custodian. Sybil’s house has served as a home for her and her family for many years. Having grown up there, Sybil then inherited the house from her parents as an adult. Through the years, the house has aged, several critical repairs were needed in order to keep it safe for Sybil to continue living there.

Each year, Davidson Housing Coalition partners with Saussy Burbank and JCB Urban to provide a local, low-income resident with the extensive repair work their home needs through DHC’s HAMMERS program. Saussy Burbank and JCB Urban recruit subcontractors and other businesses to donate their time and materials for the repairs to ensure that these repairs are at no cost to the resident. Through these partnerships, the following repairs were completed: a new bathtub and kitchen sink were installed, several leaks—both inside and outside of the home—were sealed, a new crawlspace door was built, and a new dryer pipe and vent were installed. Additionally, the foundation in the back and all of the front porch boards and columns were replaced, and a ramp was built to increase accessibility. Lastly, the porch and foundation were painted, and a drainage swell was created in the front yard to divert water away from the house and grass.

Sybil is very proud of her home; she loves how central her home is to downtown Davidson, and enjoys sitting on the porch in the evenings to relax. Sybil rests assured knowing that her home is safe, and in good condition—the dryer vent is no longer a fire hazard, and the house’s foundation maintains its structural integrity.

DHC thanks Broadway Commercial Services, Tench Masonary, Price Brothers Plumbing, Frank Murray & Associates, and Jim Burbank and the teams at Saussy Burbank and JCB Urban.


The front of Sybil’s home after the repairs, featuring Sybil looking over the new ramp to her front porch.

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