DHC’s Summer of Success Stories: Volume 2

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Michele Crowell moved into one of DHC’s apartments at Creekside Corner in July of 2016. Before coming to DHC, she had bounced around for a year since losing her job in 2015. During that time, Michele and her son moved about ten times, staying with friends, living in hotels, and finally coming to live at Hope House in Huntersville for a month. During this time, Michele was driving her son Jayden to and from school in Charlotte every day so that he could attend a magnet school. She was working for a cleaning company while looking for a better job. After moving into her apartment, Michele experienced several ups and downs. Shortly thereafter, her car broke down and Michele eventually purchased a new one with the help of her father. Around the same time, Michele started a new job with GP Strategies; she works out of the Ingersoll-Rand headquarters, a mere five minutes from her home, as a part of the training team.


Currently, Michele is enrolled in a local “Getting Ahead” program and is finishing her bachelor’s degree online from NC State in Interpersonal Communications. She is very involved in service within her community, Cub Scouts, her church, and is a member of DHC’s Board of Directors. Her two main goals are to get her health in order so that she can continue to lead a busy life with her son and to purchase a home. Michele is working with Gail to improve her credit and get in a position to purchase a home. In the fall, Jayden will start school at Woodlawn. Michele and Jayden will have less than a 10-minute commute to work and school. While Michele admits that she never thought that she would move outside of Charlotte, she loves living in Davidson; the community is wonderful and Michele enjoys the quiet and safety that the small town brings. Through it all, Michele has shown strength, fortitude, and a never give up attitude that has brought her and Jayden to a place of stability.

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