Davidson Housing Coalition
DHC resident, Dick Witington Kimeze

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Dick Witington Kimeze

Dick, who lives at Creekside Corner, is from Uganda. He is a good person, through and through, and he deeply appreciates DHC—and we appreciate him!

Dick came to the United States 2017. He has a wife and 3-year-old daughter. His wife is a teacher and he has voluminous pictures of his daughter.

He was brought to DHC November 2018 by Mal Murray, previous Our Towns Habitat board president. Dick began working at Chick-Fil-A in July 2018 in Huntersville and, more recently, moved to the new restaurant in Cornelius. His co-workers have great regard for him, and he is frequently asked to work long hours, which he likes. He appreciates the trust his boss places on him.

When asked what he most likes in the U.S., Dick says, “Life is very predictable, and is more organized than in Uganda.” But he also observes that there is “so much routine, you can lose who you are and become a robot…. In Uganda, people are out in the community and not in cars.”

Dick will soon complete a Master’s degree in global leadership and is considering either another masters or PhD. He will continue to live with DHC until at least 2021.