Davidson Housing Coalition

Our Staff

Marcia Webster

Executive Director

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What are your primary job responsibilities?

I identify potential properties available for purchase. Then I coordinate with the Development Team of any project, consisting of board members, architects, and engineers, and assist in the design process. Once funding is secured, also my responsibility, and construction begins, I monitor the building process.

I supervise all the staff in our office. I organize our weekly staff meetings and assure that their work is being done correctly and efficiently.

I coordinate the outreach efforts to the town, our most significant partner. This includes representing DHC by making presentations to community groups and at state/regional meetings; providing outreach to at-risk communities; partnering with local and regional affordable housing groups; and coordinating DHC participation in community events.

Other areas that require my leadership are our fundraising efforts; our day-to-day operations, especially those with the Treasurer and accountants; and supporting ongoing board activities, including retreats, assisting board chairs, and meeting with the executive committee, as needed.

Tell us a little about your education and experience that has prepared you for your position.

I had a double major at Queens University of psychology and sociology and that prepared me for working in the area of social justice. This interest has been prevalent in my life since high school. Some of my social conscience was developed at Mt. Vernon Seminary in Washington DC, where I was surrounded by the trappings of wealth. There, I also would see the hourly workers at the school who obviously had to struggle to make ends meet, and that didn’t seem quite fair to me.

What are the aspects of the job you enjoy most?

I enjoy most when we are under construction on a new project, and I see the beautiful affordable units coming up out of the ground that will serve our wonderful residents. Many of our residents have been with us for the entire time I have been working at DHC, and I get to know them and their family members. They become like family to me. Some of our Bungalows residents moved in when we first opened the development and, to this day, they remain happy and comfortable in their apartments. One of our residents has a beautiful garden near her front door, and though she has dealt with medical issues, the garden still gives her comfort in every season. Prior to COVID, we did monthly food distribution at the Bungalows, and residents would come by and catch me up on their activities, and they so appreciated the fresh food that we provided. One of our Creekside residents now has significant health issues, but when she first came to us, she asked if she could have a garden. Of course, I said yes. It is amazing to see what she has grown. She even sent me a note recently to say what the garden means to her, that people would stop by and see what she was planting, and it made her very proud.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I spend much of my free time working out with Pilates, and I enjoy taking my pug, Paxton, to the greenways in Davidson. I have chaired the Community Missions Committee during my current tenure on the Session at DCPC, and I am a leader in my Sunday School class. My church work means a great deal to me.

Taylor Craven

Homebuyer Education & Financial Literacy Counselor, CARE3 Counselor

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What are your primary job responsibilities? 

I offer financial literacy counseling and homebuyer education to people looking for one-on-one support for getting their feet under them financially. Part of my job is also to run our CARE3 job search service. I also assist the Town with its affordable housing program.

Tell us a little about your education and experience that has prepared you for your position. 

My background is in business management, administration and accounting. I spent 13 years in real estate before joining DHC.

What are the aspects of the job you enjoy most?

I have always enjoyed working with first-time homebuyers.  I enjoy teaching folks about smart budgeting and how it can help them reach their financial goals.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Animal rescue work is a passion of mine. I’ve fostered more than 40 dogs!

Candi Phelps

 Property Manager, HAMMERS Supervisor

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What are your primary job responsibilities?

  • Screen and approve tenants
  • Prepare lease agreements
  • Handle tenant issues and collect rent
  • Work with vendors on maintenance and repairs
  • Handle move ins/ move outs
  • Ensure property is legally in compliance

Education and/or Experience:

Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO), fair housing certified, 20 years in affordable housing

What are the aspects of the job you enjoy most?

I am honored to work in affordable housing. I take great pride in knowing I have helped the most vulnerable people in society to secure a suitable home. There is nothing more gratifying.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am passionate about family. I spend most of my time with my grandkids. I like to volunteer on Saturday mornings distributing supplies to our homeless. I love to shop, mainly for others. My favorite time of the year would be summer. I am happiest when I am helping others. 

Anthony Ryback

Development Coordinator, Office Manager

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What are your primary job responsibilities? 

I serve as Development Coordinator and Office Manager for DHC. My day-to-day includes grant writing and research, fundraising planning and execution. I also serve as a Coordinated Entry administrator for North Carolina Homeless Management Information System (NCHMIS) and provide general office support for our property manager, financial counselor, and executive director.

In addition to my work with DHC, I also serve on the Board of Governors for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Continuum of Care which works to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring in our community.

Tell us a little about your education and experience that has prepared you for your position. 

I graduated from Davidson College in 2019 with a degree in Political Science. My interest in affordable housing was catalyzed after my first-year in college when as I served as a Stapleton-Davidson intern at Urban Ministry Center (now Roof Above) in Charlotte during the summer of 2016.

What are the aspects of the job you enjoy most?

We’re a very small office, but I feel very lucky to come to work every morning at a place that really values the importance of affordable housing. Since I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed that I’ve been able to learn about all aspects of the non-profit world. I also enjoy that whether I’m writing a grant, planning a fundraiser, or working with a client, no day is ever the same!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

During my spare time I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and spending time with friends exploring the Charlotte food scene.


Wade Brown

Maintenance Manager

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What are your primary job responsibilities?

Maintenance and upkeep, helping out around the properties when needed

Tell us a little about your education and experience that has prepared you for your position.

I am mostly self-taught. I grew up on a farm learning various tasks, and that’s where the name Homegrown Solutions, which is the company I started in 2019, came from. I also went to school for architectural engineering.

What are the aspects of the job you enjoy most?

Putting smiles on the tenants’ faces!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking, fishing, golfing, Frisbee golf, auto-mechanics, and fostering dogs.