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Davidson Housing Coalition offers a number of programs designed to help individuals and families become financially stable.

Affordable Apartments

DHC has 20 affordable rental units at Creekside Corner, located on the corner of Sloan Street and Mock Circle in Davidson. All apartments have a set price that is designated “affordable” to those making less than 80% AMI (area median income); rent is NOT sliding scale for these units. Submit the completed application below to be considered. If you are interested in The Bungalows, you can find information to apply here; DHC owns these units but does not operate them.

Application: Creekside Rental Application   

Financial Literacy and Pre-Purchase Counseling 

All Financial Literacy and pre-purchase counseling sessions are offered to anyone interested in such services. Minimal fees apply for credit reports.

Application: Financial Literacy and Homebuyer Education Application   


HAMMERS is an emergency home repair program available to area residents in need of help to make their home safe and livable.

Application:HAMMERS Emergency Repair Application (You must own the home you are requesting repairs on, have insurance for the home, and live in the home to apply.)

CARE3 Job Search Assistance

CARE3 (Community Access to Resources that Engage, Empower, Employ) is a community program designed to give local residents access to job search  resources that would otherwise be unavailable. DHC’s counselor helps clients apply for jobs, create or edit resumes, and prepare for interviews.

No application, call DHC to set up an appointment  



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