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Rental Application Process and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Davidson Housing Coalition. We are excited by the prospect of you joining us in our rental community.

Davidson Housing Coalition believes that Davidson’s traditional mix of people in all income levels is fundamental to our community and distinguishes us as a town. The mission of Davidson Housing Coalition is to work with the larger community to preserve and create affordable housing options, and to prepare families and individuals for financial stability and homeownership. If you are interested in exploring DHC’s affordable rentals, please fill out the preliminary information under “Begin Rental Application” at the bottom of this page.


The Davidson Housing Coalition is a non-profit organization that assists low-to-moderate wealth individuals and families to lease a secure, safe and clean rental unit, whose monthly income is less than 80% of the North Carolina area median income (see chart below).

Application Processing:

Application for occupancy is taken on a first come first served basis. An application must be completed in full, dated and signed by the applicant. A DHC representative will note on the application the date and time the completed application is received. A non-refundable processing fee of $35.00 will be charged, per person (or married couple) during the application approval process to cover charges associated with conducting background and credit checks. Processing of application does not begin until we notify you there is a vacancy. At that time we will start processing your application. This will not begin until the $35.00 fee (per person or married couple) is received.

Application and Disclosure:

Each applicant will receive a disclosure form with an application explaining that the “Davidson Housing Coalition” will pull a credit report on the household members and investigate the household’s criminal history and prior rental history.

Each adult member of the household must sign the application, which thereby authorizes DHC to obtain credit, criminal and rental history. The application will not be processed without the signatures of all adult household members.



Income Guidelines:

Creekside Corner follows HUD guidelines in determining its rental rates and tenant eligibility. First, DHC follows HUD and most lenders in that it stipulates residents spend no more than 30% of gross (pre-tax) household income on housing costs, which include rent and other costs such as utilities.

Second, tenants at Creekside Corner must have a gross annual income (before taxes) of less than 80% area median income, adjusted for family size. Below are the 2022 income limits for Mecklenburg County:

Maximum Income at 80% of NC Area Median Income for 2023

1 Person$55,850
2 People$63,800
3 People$71,800
4 People$79,750
5 People$86,150
6 People$92,550
7 People$98,900

Preliminary Approval:

Upon receipt of an application during a period of apartment vacancy, DHC will review the information provided by the applicant(s) in their application to confirm eligibility, i.e., age, criminal background check, employment history, credit history, family composition, and proof of citizenship or W-7 status.

a) Age: the application will be rejected if the applicants are under the age of 18 years, and have not established a household separate from parents and/or legal guardians.
b) Criminal background check: the application will be rejected if the applicant has been convicted of a felony, within the last 7 years, or has repeated misdemeanor activity.
c) Employment history: the application will be rejected if the applicant rent payment is 30% or higher than the household gross monthly income, or if the household gross monthly income is higher than 80% of the North Carolina area median income.
d) Credit history: the application will be rejected if the applicant credit report indicates that the applicant(s) are in default with another property rental agreement, or classified as a Chronic Delinquent.
e) Citizenship: must be a citizen of the United States or a legal immigrant with verifiable W-7 tax-identification status.
f) Occupancy: Residence size is limited to 2 adults, per bedroom.

If rejected, the applicant(s) will be notified in writing the reason for rejection and of the applicant’s right to respond and discuss said decision with DHC management within 14 days of such notification. When an applicant is rejected due to unsatisfactory credit history, the credit bureau source must be named in the rejection letter to the applicant in accordance with the Fair Credit Act.

Upon completion of such review, the applicant(s) will be notified of her/his status. If eligible, the applicant is notified that “based on the information provided” the applicant appears to be eligible for housing subject to verification of the information provided on the application. This notification also advises that the applicant(s) is being place on a waiting list. If determined ineligible, the applicant is notified of the reason(s) for such ineligibility.

Waiting List:

When there are currently no vacancies, applicants will be placed on a waiting list according to their selected unit size (1, 2 or 3 bedrooms). When a unit is scheduled to become available, DHC will contact those persons at the top of the waiting list to confirm their continued interest in an apartment. Then, DHC management will review and verify prior rental history, credit reports, backgrounds, police reports and other references. If favorable, the applicant(s) will be contacted to set up a personal interview for completion of the verification forms. If screening indicates an unfavorable rental, credit, police or reference check, the applicant will be notified accordingly.

Final Approval:

Upon receipt of all verifications, DHC will determine if applicant(s) remains eligible. If eligible, the applicant(s) is/are notified that they have been approved for occupancy and are asked to contact DHC to arrange for future occupancy. If verifications indicate the applicant(s) is/are not eligible, she/he will be notified in writing.

A co-signer may be permitted at the discretion of DHC. In such cases, the renter must receive regular financial counseling sessions with DHC’s Housing and Financial Counselor to reduce debt, improve credit scores, and encourage financial stability.

Security Deposit:

Upon determination of final approval of the application, a security deposit equal to one month’s rent will be required to reserve a unit.

Non-Discriminatory Policies and Practices:

Davidson Housing Coalition adheres to the policies and prohibitions outlined in Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, or The Fair Housing Act, requiring that no person be denied the sale, rental or finance of a dwelling because of his or her race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap.


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If this is an emergency housing situation, please call 211 to be connected to United Way of Central Carolinas for more housing options.


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